Update Temporary Stock-Out of Sun Whips. Join our Reserve list to be contacted and for Promo Code

We continue to be stocked out of our Sun Whips, while we wait for our shipment from our manufacturers here in Canada.  We apologize for the delay- summer is certainly not a good time to be stocked out of sunscreen but we promise that we are working as quickly as possible to rectify the situation. Thanks for your patience! We’ve received almost 400 names on our Reserve List- this is an honour that we take quite seriously.  The overwhelming demand is humbling for us and one we look to service as quickly and as efficiently as we can, once we are able to.

Please enter your contact details through our Contact Us Form and let us know which Sun Whip you would like to be contacted for when it arrives.  Provide us your email or phone number and we will let you know once it is back in stock.  As a courtesy for any inconvenience, we will offer you a 30% promo code off your next purchase of any and as many Sun Whips as you would like. *

*All promo code transactions will be processed by phone through our customer service agents at our Headquarter Locations.  Our website currently cannot process these types of transactions. Limit one promo code per person for their next purchase of any Sun Whip product(s).  Does not apply to other products or Regimen Packages.  Promo codes will expire November 1st, 2013.  Please give the customer service agent your name as it appears on our Reserve List. This promo code has no cash value.

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