Top Rated with the EWG Annual Sunscreen Report, 4th consecutive year

Our Sun Whips made the EWG’s list of top rated sunscreens in their 2016 Annual Sunscreen Guide.  Both sunscreens received the highest safety rating of 1.  This is the fourth year in a row that both Sun Whips have been featured.  Click here to see the Guide.

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  1. I am wildy allergic to most sunscreens, but I suspect the culprits are avo- and octo-benzone. I see your products do not contain them.
    Also, I have a tendency to break out (acne).

    1. Is your sunscreen returnable for a refund if these problems occur after its use?
    2. Do you recommend the spf 25? Is it oil-free?

    • Hi Elaine, thanks for your questions! If after purchasing your product, you are not satisfied with it, we will accept returns of used and unused product within 2 weeks of your purchase. Within 2 weeks of your purchase, we will refund 100% of your money back guaranteed but will ask you to ship us back the product at your cost. Both products can be used with acneic skin but we have found that those who tend to break out prefer our Every Morning Sun Whip SFP 25 formula as it’s lighter in texture. It does contain oils but that does not mean that it would contribute to acne. We know it can be difficult to buy skincare on-line without testing first but please feel free to continue to pose any additional questions. You can write us directly at Thanks again for considering us!

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