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Hydra Ultima Regimen Package

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Product Description

New Packaging and New Size for Our Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum, 15 ml. New Price for Hydra Ultima Regimen Package.

Many of us do not realize how desperately parched our skin can be. We strip it and then bombard it with harsh aggressors like the sun and pollution. This perfectly curated trio of skincare is designed to restore hydration from deep within while fortifying it from the outside.

It includes:

1. The Sun Whip TM of your Choice: choose between our Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25 for light, matte protection or our Simply Zinc Sun Whip SPF 30 for stronger protection with 22% zinc oxide.

2. Our Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum with Silver Ear Mushrooms as a natural form of hyaluronic acid, Portulaca Pilosa for plumping, Sesame Extract for tightening and Irish Moss for hydration: can be used twice daily after cleansing for immediate and deep hydration and plumping

3. Our H20 Hydration with olive oil, Resveratrol, Ectoins and Tetrapeptides: excellent for protecting and calming the skin against inflammation and daily external aggressors. This also fortifies our natural moisture barrier and keeps hydration within the epidermis. 

Tips for Using the Hydra Ultima Regimen Package:

Apply a dime-sized portion of Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum to clean dry skin. Then apply a layer of H20 Hydration before applying the Sun Whip TM of your choice.  When in for the night, cleanse your skin then re-apply another layer of Nu-Shroom Hydrafill Serum and H20 Hydration.