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Gorgeously Green -Sensitive

Gorgeously Green- Sensitive Skin

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Product Description

This specially curated package by the Gorgeously Green, Sophie Uliano, is the perfect regimen for those wellness goddesses that have reactive skin that can be easily inflamed, red and/or irritated.  It will have you covered with the essentials of protecting, cleansing and hydration with our most gentle and comforting formulas.


-Looking for a daily regimen perfect for those with sensitive skin


-Our Simply Zinc Ultra SPF 50 for the best in daily protection with an all mineral formula, featuring 25% zinc oxide. One of the most luxurious yet protective sunscreens available- anywhere.

-Our O+Lait Oil to Milk Melting Cleanser.  This cleanser features wonderfully hydrating and soothing jojoba oil and glycerin for the best in gentle oil cleansing. Due to its unique formula, no ‘double cleansing’ is required as it is activated by water and does not leave any residue.  Perfect for daily cleansing and contains no sulfates or harsh surfactants.

-A choice between our Natrèceutique Calm in the Evening and our H20 Hydration.  Both are gentle hydrators with nourishing bases to help calm the look of red and inflamed skin over time.  Our Calm in the Evening contains a rich moisturizing base of 10% Inca Inchi Oil and 10% Hibiscus Seed Oil with the antioxidants Norwegian Spruce Extract and Ectoins.  Our H20 Hydration provides lighter hydration with extracts of olive oil as its base.  It also contains Ectoins as a stable anti-oxidant while also containing Resveratrol and peptides for reinforcing the building blocks of skin.


In the AM:

-Cleanse your face with our O+Lait Oil to Milk Melting Cleanser

-Apply the serum of your choice and then seal in your hydration with either Natrèceutique Calm in the Evening moisturizer or H20 Hydration

-Apply your Simply Zinc Ultra SPF 50 as your daily sunscreen

In the PM:

-Cleanse your face with  our O+Lait Oil to Milk Melting Cleanser

-Repeat your hydration routine with either Natrèceutique Calm in the Evening moisturizer or H20 Hydration