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Glow Bright Regimen Package

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Product Description

Many of us suffer from various kinds of pigment concerns- whether it is in the form of a mottled look to the skin from years of sun damage, to more severe forms of hyperpigmentation or even melasma. This perfectly curated trio of skincare is designed to provide the ultimate pigment correction and brightening regimen.


1. The Sun Whip TM of your Choice: choose between our Every Morning Sun Whip SPF 25 for light, matte protection or our Simply Zinc Sun Whip SPF 30 for stronger protection with 22% zinc oxide.

2. Emblica Light and Bright for gentle lightening and brightening using Turmeric, Indian Gooseberry and the peptide B-White.

3. Exfoliant Reveal as a daily or weekly exfoliant using 8% Glycolic Acid with Arginine. 

Tips for Using Glow Bright Regimen Package:

After washing your face first thing in the morning, apply your Emblica Light and Bright to your entire complexion.  Pair with a moisturizer like H20 Hydration for added moisture if needed.

Apply your Sun Whip sunscreen after your Emblica Light and Bright and before your make-up.

Build up to using your Exfoliant Reveal every night! Start with 1-2x a week and apply to extremely dry skin.  Increase its use to 3-7x a week as your skin gets used to the product- it’s so good for you!

Then apply your Emblica Light and Bright again to your entire complexion for improved brightness- it’s gentle enough to use 2x a day.