Meet Our Physicians
Dr. Sharyn Laughlin

The company originally started as an extension of Dr. Laughlin's dermatology practice. She was especially concerned about the quality of sunscreens she saw sampled in her clinic. She was specifically concerned about what she considered UVB biased sunscreens and their potential effect in exacerbating the already rising rates of skin cancer.

Dr. Denis Dudley

Dr. Dudley as a former fetal/maternal specialist in high risk pregnancies and as a double-board certified endocrinologist wanted to ensure that the line contained controversy-free ingredients and had no known endocrine disruptors. His litmus test for safety continues to be whether he would recommend a product for use by a pregnant woman. His rationale is that if a product is safe enough for a pregnant woman to use then we can feel confident in using it in adults and children every single day.