When You Find a Sunscreen So Good You Give Up Makeup

July 22, 2016

Beauty Blogger Tracy Szram brings you through her travel essentials on her trip to California. With the high temperature and longer days when traveling. Tracy skips on her make up routine and head straight to our Sun Whips! Having dry and sensitive skin, as well as suffering from Melasma or hyper pigmentation like Tracy, she wished she discovered CyberDERM earlier.

“But Tracy, mineral sunscreens are so heavy, greasy, and leave a white cast on my face. Not CyberDERM! CyberDERM formulates sunscreens that you just HAVE to try and you won’t believe that they are a mineral sunscreen. I for sure didn’t! They feel silky, have a transparent finish – NO WHITE CAST left on your skin at all! Simply the BEST sunscreens ever.”

-Beauty Reflections, Tracy Szram

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